Equipped to get wood pellets to you in difficult circumstances

When it's cold out, you don't need to hear excuses from your fuel supplier about how they couldn't get to you because of the weather.

We have invested to give us the best chance of getting to you, whatever the circumstances.

Getting heating fuel to you when it snows

From time to time, it snows in winter. You will probably be using your pellets heavily when it is snowy outside, and need top-ups more frequently than the rest of the year. Yet snow can make it more difficult for pellet-suppliers to deliver.

We recognise that a wood-pellet supplier that doesn't do its best to deliver in the snow is hardly fit to call itself a heating-fuel supplier. We have invested in snow tyres for a few of our trucks at strategic locations, to give us the best chance of making the most urgent deliveries in difficult conditions. So far as we know, we are one of the few pellet suppliers to have done so.