T-INK KONTAR "NEFTEPROM-AJ PHIWEB" is a private enterprise, 100% Russian, established in 2007. More than five years on the market has led the company to a reputable position. Successful growth (from 1’200 t in first year to 29’200 t of production in latest year); stability and credibility of the company are appreciated by the Clients, Partners, Governmental institutions, Creditors and even press. In 2011 the company was awarded for an exemplary credit management, in 2012 the company was nominated among Top 300 fast-growing companies in the Russian Federation .

Up to date, more than 3000 trailers of wood pellets, briquettes, firewood and straw pellets were exported to the markets of Ukraine, Belarus, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Malta, Norway, Slovenia, Sweden, The Netherlands, and The United Kingdom.

Each month, on the average, we load more than 30 trailers of wood pellets production to our Clients. We have approximately 180 active Clients: wholesalers, super markets, traders, small shop-owners, farmers, Suppliers of agro industry and Suppliers of heating plants.

Please check our company at the Russian business registry.

T-INK KONTAR "NEFTEPROM-AJ PHIWEB" is among the best (5% of total companies in the Russian Federation) credit management companies in Russia .

T-INK KONTAR "NEFTEPROM-AJ PHIWEB" is among the fast-growing (258 companies in 2012) companies, and was decorated.

***NOTE*** We are also stretching and extending our tentacles to other business sectors such as the supply of bulk metal scrap and the agricultural sector .

Despite the fact that we are heavily involved mainly in the production and supply of wood pellets and other wood products ,  we have also extended our tentacles to other business sectors like the supply of bulk battery scraps , bulk metal scrap and the sales of a few agro products(Listed on the "PRODUCTS" Page) & ALSO A4 PAPER .

The End-consumer protection policy for the Client (Confidentiality)

Many clients consider supplying their customers directly, but are not sure about the confidentiality. Hereby T-INK KONTAR "NEFTEPROM-AJ PHIWEB" declares, that we always inform our main Client in case we are contacted by the end-consumer directly. Therefore, many of our big Clients can be guaranteed, that their customers will have safe and confidential supply of goods.

Fraud and Fake

To be known, tested and trusted means, that T-INK KONTAR "NEFTEPROM-AJ PHIWEB" suffers from a variety of infringements to company identity, quality certificate and others. Therefore we here officially recommend to take direct contact with us in case of any suspicion.
Telephone : +7 495 203 9029  

Email: ooonefteprom@inbox.ru  ,  info@tinkkontarneftepromaj.com info@ooonefteprompellets.com

Up to date, most companies, manipulating T-INK KONTAR "NEFTEPROM-AJ PHIWEB" identity, come from Hungary, Ukraine, Belarus, Cameroon, and Nigeria .