60000,00 RUB

Product Description: Pure white garlic, all size from 4.5cm to 6.5cm is available, package to be 10X1kg/bag(1kg/mesh bag with barcode, then 10 mesh bag in one big bag), Firm, fresh,clean, free from black mould, pure white corlor. 28MT, 2800 bags in one 40\' HR container without pallet; 26T, 260 bags in one 40\'HR container with pallet. Minium order quantity, one 40\' HR container. Packing Size: 4.5cm, 5.0cm, 5.5cm, 6.0cm, 6.5cm; 10X1kg in a mesh bag with bar code and logo, then ten bags in one bag .

Delivery: 1-5 business days
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Pure white garlic 3P, 10/carton Pure white garlic 40X250g/carton Pure white garlic 20X500g/mesh bag Pure white garlic 20X500g/carton Pure white garlic, 10kg/carton pure white garlic, 10kg/bag pure white garlic, 10X1kg/carton pure white garlic, 10X1kg/bag