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6460,00 RUB

The most economical, clean and green heating: less ash more energy drier Advantages of using our pellets: 50% less ash and moisture, requires less cleaning of your furnace Provides superior energy efficiency and a greater consistency Shorter, it reduces the risk of blockage of the stove clean, no residue or insects Environmental Impacts: Eco-friendly product Renewable energy source Clean energy and 100% natural Low combustion of atmospheric emissions Neutral Carbon No additives 100% recyclable bags PACKING: 15KG BAGS 87 BAGS PER SKID 20 SKIDS PER 40FT CONTAINER WEIGHT : 26,100kg LESS HUMIDITY LESS ASH ANALYSIS DIAMETER : 6mm AVERAGE LENGTH : 24mm CALORIFIC VALUE : c.a.5.5 kWh/KG HUMIDITY : Less than 8% ASH CONTENT : Less than 0.5% DURABILITY : Greater than 97.5%

Delivery: 1-5 business days